International Hula Competition Kagimanahula in Miyakojima 2018

October 5 (Friday) to 8 (Mon), 2018

Miss Hula Kagimana Miyakojima 2017Miss Eto Kaede

Twuriba Hula - 6th October, 2018 (Sat)
International Hula Competition - 7th October, 2018 (Sun)

KAGIMANAHULA = The spirit of beautiful island

2018 Kagimanahula enter the 6th year.
Kagimanahula is a hula event in Miyakojima. Miyakojima be called Hawaii in Japan.
The event is for deepening the friendship with hula lover and local people.

The meaning of "kagimana hula"
Kagi = beautiful ( dialect of miyako island ), Mana = spirit (Hawaii language), Kagimana = the spirit of beautiful island.

Let's enjoy hula in Miyakojima with beautiful sea and wind !!


  • International Hula Competition

    International Hula Competition

    Kumuhura of Maui is gathered on Miyakojima! Many Halau entry to this Competition from Japan and overseas.

  • Twuriba-Hula


    The beautiful stage with osean, sunset, and breeze in Miyakojima.

  • Pule Hula

    Pule Hula

    Visit the pray spots in Irabu island and pray to Island God for Safty and Success of "Kagimanahula" with Kumuhula.

  • Special Hawaiian Show

    Special Hawaiian Show

    It is the Hawaiian Show of Kumuhula and musician from Hawaii, Please don't miss special stage of Halau's teachers!Don't miss the stage of Halau teachers!

  • Kagimanahula Wedding

    Kagimanahula Wedding

    A couple planning a wedding ceremony, a couple wanting to celebrate a wedding in commemoration. A memorable wedding on a beautiful Miyakojima ...

  • Hawaiian Work Shop

    Hawaiian Work Shop

    A hula workshop that you can learn directly from Kumuhura in Hawaii. Everyone can participate.

  • Miss Hula Kagimana Miyakojima

    Miss Hula Kagimana Miyakojima

    We hold "Miss Hula Kagimana Miyakojima 2018" in the International Hula Competition.

  • Luau Mere Hula Party

    Luau Mere Hula Party

    Cheers with local sake! While enjoying the local cuisine of Okinawa, exchange with Hula enthusiasts and Hawaii gathers who have gathered from inside and outside the prefecture and everyone in the local area! Also a lottery for fun!

  • Hula Conference

    Hula Conference

    Talk about "Internationai Hula Competiton in Miyakojima 2018" with Kumuhula.


Airport photos exhibition holding!
Announcement event holding decision!
Judge & Special guest has been decided!
Information added!
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Start acceptance of each event & start selling tickets!
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Partial event information disclosure! We will update as necessary as further details are decided.
"Kagimanahula in Miyakojima 2018" Decided to be held from October 5 (Fri) to October 8 (Monday) in 2018!
Details will be reported on this site or Facebook page as soon as it is decided.