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About "KAGIMANAHULA in Miyakojima"

  • International Hula Competition
  • Twuriba Hula(Hoike)

Okinawa and Hawaii has lots in common such as in geographical environment, climate, and tourism industries.
Furthermore many Okinawan people have been immigrated and concreate relationship with Hawaiian people for long since Okinawa and Hawaii history began.
And today there is nothing to change what it was, and the wheel of cultural exchange has been glowing and contributing for both developments.

Japan is the most counties of hula lover population in the world.
It is assuming 20,000 hula lovers in Okinawa and over 1million in Main land Japan.
This event is a big catches with hula lover people both domestic and overseas such countries as China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

International Hula Competition "KAGIMANAHULA in Miyakojima" is, it starts commemorational event of sister city 48th Okinawa and Maui, Hawaii.
Take an opportunity for this governmental event we have been encouraging for penetrate in local with hoping participate in all citizen.
We are put more effort of new challenges in which let the people know of beautiful nature in Miyakojima and aspire to be more captivated unique culture to outside the world.

The meaning of "kagimana hula"
Kagi = beautiful ( dialect of miyako island ), Mana = spirit (Hawaii language)
Kagimana = the spirit of beautiful island.